The Physio Movement & Performance Treatment Difference:

The Physio Movement & Performance Treatment Difference:

  • 1-on-1 Session with a Board Certified Orthopedic PT or PTA
  • 50-60 Minutes of Treatment
  • In-depth Movement Analysis
  • Expert Hands-on Treatment
  • Variety of Rehab Training Options: Functional Strength, Compound Strength Movements, or Pilates-based Rehab

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Shoulder Mobility Can Be A Limitation For Pain Free Pull Ups, Toes To Bars & Muscle Ups.

A Good Arch And Hollow Hold Requires Your Biceps To Make It Behind Your Ears In Arch. Strength From Your Lats To Press For Hollow. There Is A Large Range Your Shoulders Need To Control With Dynamic Strength. If You Are Lacking Full Shoulder Over Head Mobility You Can Have Pain In Your Shoulders & Will Be Lacking Optimal Position, Pattern & Strength For Pull Ups, Toe To Bars & Muscle Ups 

Mobility For Strength Gains 

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Looking to progress your workouts for sports or performance? Here are 3 different high level exercises that you can try to continue to build dynamic speed, power, and control. 

Lateral bound with hop up/down - A great activity to practice controlled explosiveness and reducing energy leaks. If there are compensatory patterns replacing control like excess pelvic rotation, sidebending in trunk when landing, and hip hiking, it will create an increase in energy output. 

Box jump, chest pass, and shuffle - Open floor/space transition or unsettled play training requires a lot of moving pieces and having to adapt on the go. This activity can help train quick transitions to the next component of a play build up while maintaining appropriate control and precision. 

Single leg hamstring isometric with overhead ball toss - a full body control activity. This could be a great activity to work on core and lat eccentric control with a lower extremity component. 

Throw these into your workouts for a functional workout if you’re wanting to improve dynamic control of your hips with high intensity activities. 

If anyone has any specific topics related to pain, performance, or tips for exercise comment down below! 

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Stay Out Of Back Pain When In A Handstand 

Over Extension In Your Lumbar Spine Puts High Stress & Pain On Your Low Back. 

Prioritize Your Handstand Form 
Beginning Your Journey You May Find That You Are Not Mobile, Stable and/or Strong Enough For The Position
Grip the ground, straighten your elbows, tuck in your head, flex your shoulders, elevate your shoulders, internally rotate shoulders, hollow out your body, posteriorly tilt your pelvis, tighten your glutes and legs, straighten your knees and point your toes

That’s A lot. There Are Levels & Progressions We Can Work On To Optimize Your Handstand Position With Foundation Exercises To Begin Correcting Your Handstand Keeping Your Low Back Out Of Pain

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Here are 3 different serratus movements that you can do if you have had shoulder instability and pain! The serratus acts as as stabilizer for the scapula, allowing proper articulation of the scapulothoracic joint. Practicing these three movement can provide stability for reaching and overhead lifting. 

1.) Supine serratus punch w/ dumbell - This exercise is a great way to have support from the floor. Use weight that you can control through the range and really focus on reaching forward without bending or extending the elbow to get proper activation of the serratus. 

2.) Banded wall slides - a great movement to get activation of the rotator cuff and the serratus together to improve shoulder stability with reaching/overhead motions. This one is quite fatiguing so use a lower resistance band to start and work your way up! 

3.) Serratus+ plank - this is a great alternative for traditional planks. Adding in the reach component can turn a normal plank into a 2 for 1 exercise. This one you want to maintain neutral trunk position and avoid getting movement from the spine!

Give these a shot and let us know how they go!

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Most car seats place your back into a posterior pelvic tilt which isn't optimal for your spine. Here is a simple solution to try out. Roll up a towel and place it parallel to the seat and your spine. You should feel more supported and have a more neutral pelvis. 

LMK how this goes. 


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