The Physio Movement & Performance Treatment Difference:

The Physio Movement & Performance Treatment Difference:

  • 1-on-1 Session with a Board Certified Orthopedic PT or PTA
  • 50-60 Minutes of Treatment
  • In-depth Movement Analysis
  • Expert Hands-on Treatment
  • Variety of Rehab Training Options: Functional Strength, Compound Strength Movements, or Pilates-based Rehab

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Thank you for the review Kelly! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the healing process! We are glad to hear it is paying off and that you are back to doing what you enjoy!

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Hip flexors are often a forgotten accessory muscle when training. Here are a couple examples of hip flexor exercises that we can use to improve hip + lumbopelvic stability, decrease back pain, and improve performance in sport!

1. Seated hip flexor isolated control
This exercise is useful as it takes out the lumbar spine and core, causing isolation of hip flexion at end range, promoting control. This is a great mix of mobility and stability. Change trunk angle and height of object as needed!

2. Supine knee drive w/ band
A great way to generate power and increase eccentric control of hip flexors. Remember to engage core and to maintain neutral pelvis with this one for gains!

3. Hanging hip flexion
If done properly, this is a core stability AND hip stability exercise. Maintain neutral pelvis and drive knees up with hips without tucking pelvis underneath. 

Give these a try and let us know how they go! Let us know if you need any ideas for other accessory groups down below. 

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At Physiomovement and Performance we like to empower you by giving you the tools to help your aches and pains at home. 

Many people suffer from back pain and don't think to work on their iliopsoas (psoas and iliacus muscle). The psoas attaches to the spine and runs to the femur. If the psoas is on tension it can create compression of the spine. 

Here are 2 tools you can use at home:
1. Theracane- You are going to find your belly button then place the theracane about 4 inches directly lateral. Working about 4 inches upward as well. Hold the theracane for about 10sec in each area. 

2. Yamuna Ball or Franklin Ball- place the ball in the same place as mentioned above and lying down on the ball. Find a tender spot and try to relax into it and breathe. You can roll the ball up and down. Then for the iliacus take the ball and place it directly from your hip bone toward the inside where there is a little indent. Again hold for 10 sec. and breathe. 

Who is going to try this out? LMK how it goes.

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Maggie Has Muscle Guarding From Past Injuries That Creates Compensatory Patterns and Mobility deficits. She is a Kinesthetic, Tactile & Visual Learner For Motor Patterns. Currently lacking ability to articulate her spine throughout the entire range of motion. Her Body awareness is improving as she is working on her foundation physical therapy exercises to help her into a more optimal handstand position without aggravating her low back and shoulder pain

Optimizing Movement Patterns 

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Thank you Kaya! We appreciate all your hard work in the clinic. So fun getting to work with you!

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Squatting is a HUGE part of daily movements. We squat to get onto every seat, to get onto the toilet, to interact with surfaces that are lower than our reach, and (you guessed it) to exercise our legs! 

Things we generally look for:
Appropriate trunk and pelvis organization - vertical(ish) trunk

Proper hip stability in frontal plane - controlled knee over 2nd ray

Pacing - moving through range with consistent velocity+proper transition from eccentric to concentric.

Also remember that not everyone’s squat will look the same!!! Squats are not standardized and EVERYONE has different proportions, ROM, and strength. 

If you’re interested in squat content drop a comment down below! 

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1. This exercise works on scapular control and making sure you are maintaining the shoulder blades pulled down when pulling yourself up. Try 1x8

2. Prone "Y"  works lower traps which is important for stabilizing the shoulder blades
as we load the shoulder joint. Try 1-2x10

3. Prone "I"  provides dynamic stability and proper positioning of the scapula and shoulder girdle on the thorax during pull ups. Try 1-2x10

LMK how this goes. 

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Last Week Maggie Had Her Mobility Screening With Dr Isaiah. We saw In Standing That She Could Not Get Into A Good Overhead Position Due To Tightness and Weakness Through Her Anterior & Posterior Chain.

The Dramatic Back Arch You See On Maggie During Her Handstand Is From Tight Hip flexors. She Is Unable to Extend Her Hips And Get Her Pelvis In Better Alignment With Her Pelvis. Pelvis Rib Cage Alignment Will Help Her Activate Her Abs, Gluts and Quads To Get Her Better Balanced In Her Handstand.

Maggie Will Be Working On Her Mobility Program To Improve Her Overhead Position. Exercises She Will Start  With Is the Jefferson Curl: Progressing To Weight And A Elevated Surface.  Hollow Hold & Arch Holds. Landmine Press. Eccentric Lats. Over The Next Few Weeks Let’s See How She Progresses 👏🏽

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