The Physio Movement & Performance Treatment Difference:

The Physio Movement & Performance Treatment Difference:

  • 1-on-1 Session with a Board Certified Orthopedic PT or PTA
  • 50-60 Minutes of Treatment
  • In-depth Movement Analysis
  • Expert Hands-on Treatment
  • Variety of Rehab Training Options: Functional Strength, Compound Strength Movements, or Pilates-based Rehab

How does this work?


Book appointment online or via phone 253.200.0741


Get a follow-up call by Physio’s Office Manager


Come in for your evaluation and leave feeling better

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Welcome Dr. Vichar! 🎉

Physio is excited to announce we have a new awesome team member, Dr. Vichar Phonkumnerdsub!

Many of you may recognize Dr. Vichar from his 4-month @upsdptprogram internship with @physiomovementandperformance. He was so well liked by both staff and clientele — that we knew we needed to hire him! ✔️

His bio and a brief video intro will be coming soon! 

If you are in the 615 Baker Street, Tacoma area (near McMenamins and Corina Bakery) — please stop by and say hello! 👋 

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Compensatory Strategies Can Develop When You Are Lacking Mobility. Shoulder pain can develop when your Scapula and/or your Gleno humeral Joint is lacking full range of motion pain. A rib cage flare can trick you into thinking you have full over head should range of motion. 

4 exercises that can help with shoulder mobility 
Kneeling Lat Stretch 8-10 reps
Eccentric Lat Stretch 8-10 reps
Kneeling Single Arm Lat Pull Down 10-15/side 1-3 sets
Dumbbell Resistance Band Bent Over Lat Row 10-15/side 1-3 sets.

Where and why you have shoulder pain is different for everyone. How we modify or what exercises we prescribe for physical therapy can vary depending on the injury diagnosis. Give these exercises a try to see if they help you gain shoulder mobility. 

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We had a great time working with @bprep_lacrosse earlier this spring! The PHYSIO team was able to go in and work on dynamic warm-ups, foundational movements, and foam rolling with @ontheflytherapy! 

We look forward to doing more work like this in the future 💪🏽 

Lastly for all athletes, it is crucial to have dynamic warm ups that mirror what we are doing in our actual game. At the end of warm ups we should be starting to work up a sweat and feeling our heart rates increase. If anyone has questions on warm ups or would like specific content on that, drop a comment below! 

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Thank you Toni! So appreciative of your kind words. Your dedication to the rehab process has been awesome and is a true testament to why you are doing so much better!

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Hollow Body Hold Strengthens & Stabilizes Core & Lower Back Muscles. 

When done correctly this exercise benefits your posture and strengthens much needed muscles to prevent lower back pain. 

On a functional standpoint hollow body hold trains your core to resist arching your low back. 

Starting on the ground for hollow body hold uses the floor to perform an isometric contraction (static hold) training your abdominals to stabilize the mid section and increase power you can generate from your core. 

Mastering the hollow body hold position is good to then incorporate into our dynamic and higher level exercises.

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