I have worked with Dr. Becky Rucker personally and professionally and she has always amazed me with her knowledge, attention to detail, caring and determination to help her clients. As a doctor, I have found it hard to find a physical therapist that looks at the client’s entire body versus only the part that is injured. In addition, I have found it hard to find therapists, like Dr. Becky, that are committed to doing research and thinking outside of the box for their clients.

Dr. Becky’s background in Pilates is an added bonus as she is able to incorporate this into her client protocols. This makes her unique and is one of the reasons why she gets amazing results with her clients. She has successfully treated many of my clients from powerlifters, runners, triathletes, weekend warriors and more.

Dr. Becky helped to restore function of my left shoulder after a lifting injury, as well as educate me on core stability to put my nagging back pain in check. Dr. Becky’s expertise has kept me lifting weights, running, skiing, and mountain biking for years and I look forward to continuing working with her to maintain my fitness and the fitness of my clients for life.