After having worked with Becky for my own low back and hip injuries, I had no doubt who the right Physical Therapist would be for my 15 year old son, Isaiah, when he was prescribed PT for his knee pain (patellar tendinitis). Isaiah plays basketball year round and the hours of running, jumping and pounding were causing significant pain in his knees.

Becky identified contributing factors, such as which muscles needed to lengthen/release as well as which muscles needed to strengthen, and then taught Isaiah correct form. Isaiah is able to continue doing at home much of what Becky taught him so he can maintain the gains. Working with Becky has made a tremendous difference in reducing Isaiah’s knee pain while playing.

Becky approaches an injury not by looking at the immediate symptoms or tip of the iceberg, but by looking with a wide angle to address the root causes. Using her deep understanding of the body, Becky carefully crafts an individualized plan for your recovery and performance goals. She gently pushes you, with incredible attention to detail, towards your personal best.

Kasha Sonnta Testimonial