I have been working with Becky for about 3 years and I am so grateful to have finally found a PT that understands what I need!

When I came to Becky, I had been dealing with an ongoing back injury for years but had not found anyone that really “got it”. On top of that, I had just started my career as a firefighter which really put the need to be proactive about my health in perspective. Yes, I could get in and out of my car just fine and, yes, I could do my job, but I was not able to push myself in the ways I enjoy or live up to my full potential.

Becky understood that being able to do the bare minimum is not what my life is about, so we started from the ground up. Because of how long my back injury had persisted without any real fix I had developed some bad habits and imbalances. When I started going to see Becky we worked on the simplest things like how to stand, walk and breath correctly. She gave me exercises to do on my own and as things improved, the exercises changed and the movements became more complex. This was a great feeling to see progress like that!

She even had me doing cool and challenging Pilates moves on the Reformer, which can really spice up the PT routine since I’m sure we can all agree PT exercises are not always the most exciting. The improvements took time and dedication, but they were absolutely worth it! Becky helped me understand how to better manage my body’s little quirks, how to keep them in check, and how to help get them back in order when I push a little too hard in my play time.

You may think that’s where the story ends, but 2 years ago I had a pretty serious climbing accident that left me with 2 broken wrists, broken cheek, broken elbow, concussion, banged up knees, and hips, and I guess you could say I was just a pretty big mess over all. While I required specialists for things like my hands and face, Becky helped get me back on the road to recovery, keeping me moving, giving me things to work on in order to get me back to 100%. Best of all when I told her my goal was to be back on skis for opening day 5 months after my fall, she said “let’s get to work!” rather than rolling her eyes at my lofty ideas.

A little over a year after my fall, I completed my very first Ironman race, and I could not have been happier for how far I had come and for Becky and the great team of people behind me. Having someone that knows you, knows what you are capable of and how your body works can mean everything when it comes to recuperating from an injury or surgery.

Having a healthy body for the long run, and being able to engage in all the activities I love, these are the things that are important to me. What I appreciate most about Becky as my PT, is that she gets that.